Exodus Find The Spot contest!

Exodus Find the Spot Contest
Trick must be done correctly and has to be on video.
You must be wearing an Exodus Tshirt while doing the trick.
Video must be posted on our non business Facebook page (facebook.com/exodus.s.shop).
We will post a pic, on our FB page, of a not so known skate spot in Winston Salem, for the next 8 Saturdays, @ 11AM. Along with the pic, will be the trick you have to do at the spot.
The first person to post on our FB a video of them doing the trick while wearing an Exodus tshirt will receive the prize.
Our first series will consist of 8 different spots. The tricks will get more difficult as we proceed. The spots will be harder to find. The prizes will be getting larger.
Please note: You can only win ONCE, so choose wisely.
This will be a weekly event.
The 1st week will be posted Saturday June 9th @ 11AM.
The prize for this 1st spot will be a $20 set of bearings.
Here is a list of the prizes for the following weeks.
2nd week prize $30 set of wheels
3rd week prize $30 set of wheels + $20 set of bearings
4th week prize $44 set of trucks + $30 set of wheels
5th week prize $40 set of wheels + $50 set of trucks
6th week prize $60 deck/grip + $50 set of trucks
7th week prize $70 pair of shoes + $60 deck/grip
8th week prize $75 pair of shoes + $60 deck/grip + $40 set of wheels + $25 set of bearings
Good luck!

  1. Darlene Ryan
    June 23, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I don’t skate, I am a mom, and I have grown to really like the folks who manage / work at EXODUS. I have always had top quality service and I always feel welcomed ( despite being a 40 something mom ) I shop with my son quite often at your store and I must say, I am eyeing some VANS………………………………….

  2. Tony Paschal
    September 2, 2013 at 2:28 am

    I’m an old fart that just wandered into exodus skate shop one day because i had forgotten my meds. The guys there are really cool and helpful. Now its a weekly stop to buy some 10DEEP, nike SB, or whatever. Thanks guys for taking care of an old sneakerhead like me.

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